Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food Food Food

I'm noticing a pattern in my posts. FOOD. But I'm ok with this.

So I've been thinking about starting a meal plan for the week, for a few reasons. One, my boyfriend keeps talking about how he wants more protein in his diet. I think this is just a man thing in general to want more meat in every meal, but maybe that's just me. Two, it will ensure that I eat good lunches because quite honestly I've gotten lazy about eating good lunches. So if I plan it all ahead I can have some healthy leftovers!

Not sure if my boyfriend will stick to this, he didn't exactly seem excited about the idea. His exact response, "a meal plan eh?" Although, he tends to be on the skeptical side about a lot of things, but he comes around when he realizes how gosh darn smart I am ;) So we will see how it goes. Anyways, I think it's a great way to be sure you get all those food groups in. And since I'm kind of anal and love making lists, this kills two birds with one stone!

I'm not going to list everything, because I don't think you all really care that much. But if you're interested I'll be happy to tell you. I will say I did include Superbowl food into Sundays meal plan. AKA the entire day is filled with dips and snacks and all kinds of delicious good bad for you things! I may have to share a few of those recipes this week... Very excited about them/to eat them.


Allison said...

If Joey does this with you he is not allowed to make fun and me and derek ever again for us doing our diet!

Brittany said...

Yeah...this didn't really happen. But I have been making a few meals ahead of time for both of us and we eat them for lunch!